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About Buda Eye Center

We are an independent doctor/surgeon-led clinic in Budapest, Hungary. Buda Eye Center was founded by a group of prominent Eye Surgeons including Dr. Attila Nagymihály, Assoc. Prof. András Papp, Assoc. Prof. Miklós Resch and Dr. Antal Szabó. The total amount of eye surgeries performed by our doctors is more than 150 000.

Buda Eye Center offers laser eye surgery and lens surgery as our main field of expertise but we also provide other eye treatments to enhance the visual experience of everyday life and help visual rehabilitation for those suffering from progressive eye diseases.

Our Clinic offers 4 different kinds of laser eye treatments (DiamondFEMTO 7D, OptiLASIK 7D, Zero-Touch 7D and PRK 7D) and houses one of the most modern Swiss Ziemer femto laser and German SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS 7D excimer laser which is the world’s highest performance eye laser system for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery.

Our team of eye experts includes surgeons with:

international experience

more than 5 spoken languages

clinical background

more than 20 000 laser surgery

more than 30 000 lens surgery

7D Laser eye surgery

Refractive laser eye surgery is one of the most commonly performed eye surgeries in the world. The technology uses an excimer laser to reshape the eye's cornea and correct your vision. It is a safe option for people who would like to get rid of the hassle with glasses or contact lenses. Throughout the world, more and more people are choosing to have this life changing surgery. In order to provide maximal safety and the best visual results we use the German SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS 7D excimer laser which is the world’s highest performance eye laser system for refractive surgery with superior latency-free, 7 dimension eye tracking, automatic fluence level adjustment, intelligent thermal control and wavefront guided, customized treatments.

Our three laser eye surgeries are the following:

It is one of the most modern Swiss femto lasik treatment available in Hungary. During the treatment 2 lasers is used, the flap is created by Ziemer Femto Laser, the cornea is reshaped by German SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS 7D excimer laser. Recommended for those who wish for a perfect result, consider speed and innovation the most important, and believe in advanced technology and maximum result. This treatment offers the quickest recovery time and the sharpest, crystal clear vision already on the first day. It also provides a solution for those with an extremely high diopter value or thin cornea. With DiamondFEMTO 7D FAST TRACK we offer a three-day laser eye treatment. On the first day you fly in and participate on the eligibility consultation, on the second day we do the surgery, on the third day right after your one-day check up, you can be on your way home.

This is a reliable, proven and widely used technology of LASIK laser-assisted treatment world-wide. In this case the flap is created by using a microkeratome blade. The cornea is reshaped by the same German SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS 7D excimer laser. Recommended for those who trust in proven methods and wish for a treatment without compromises. The reliability and success of OptiLASIK 7D technology is proven by several million successful surgeries worldwide. This treatment is pain-free, quick, and the recovery time is only a few days.

Zero-Touch 7D is a touch-free, no-flap, laser-assisted treatment with a bit longer healing time. This no-touch surface laser eye surgery uses only the laser to remove the superficial regenerative layer of the cornea (Epithelium) and reshape the substance of the cornea (Stroma) in one step. We recommend it for those who prefer no instrument touching the cornea of their eye. With Zero-Touch 7D the quality of the corneal surface is much smoother compared to traditional PRK. With Zero-Touch 7D the healing process involves more discomfort compared to the flep-creating technique, however, long-term visual results are the same as with other treatments. Zero-Touch 7D may be the solution for those who are not suitable for FEMTO or LASIK treatment for any reason, for those who do combat sports and also for those who doesn’t want anything touching the cornea of their eyes.

PRK 7D is the oldest laser-assisted treatment combined with the most modern SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS 7D excimer laser. We recommend it for those who prefer traditional treatments; who consider the decade-long proof of the success of this treatment more important than quickness and comfort. With PRK 7D the healing process is the longest and involves more discomfort, however, long-term visual results are the same as with other treatments. PRK 7D treatment may be the solution for those who are not suitable for FEMTO or LASIK treatment for any reason and also for those who do combat sports.

Lens (Cataract) Surgery

Intraocular Lens Implantation is a procedure where original lens is removed from the eye and replaced with an artificial lens.

This treatment presents one of the most advanced solutions for those wishing to achieve sharp vision. This surgery can be done in myopic cases where the diopters are too high for refractive laser eye surgery, when the patient wants to eliminate age-related vision impairment or tries to get rid of cataracts.

What do you need to know about the surgery?

During this intervention the eye lens is removed, and is replaced by a mono-, bi- or tri-focused plastic lens. Today cylindrical lenses are also available. The health condition of your eye, as well as your lifestyle and habits have to be considered for the best solution.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia (by eye drops) with the patient awake during the operation. Both eyes are treated in the course of the surgery. The intervention is only 10-15 minutes per eye but following the treatment, 1 or 2 hours resting time is required at the Clinic.

Am I suitable for laser eye or lens surgery?

In order to decide whether you are suitable for any test carried out at Buda Eye Center, we consider several aspects. Based on your answers to our questionnaire, the specialists of Buda Eye Center decide whether you should attend a suitability test at our Center. Should you not be eligible we will recommend further actions if needed.

Based on this test we can tell you with high probability whether you are eligible for either DiamondFEMTO 7D, OptiLASIK 7D, Zero-Touch 7D, PRK 7D laser-assisted vision improvement treatment or cataract/IOL surgery.

Please complete the test according to your best knowledge and wait until our staff member contacts you. If there is any question you cannot answer or should you not be sure of, please, omit the question.

It takes about 3 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Other treatments

Intervention due to tearing

Heathy eye functions need a normal tear production and a properly functioning tear drainage system.
Lacrimal system problems usually cause two types of complaints: if the amount of tear on the eye surface is lesser than ideal,
it causes dry eyes, whereas if it is too much, it causes problems related to excessive tearing.

Treatment we offer for dry eyes
  • Regular use of different types of artificial tears.

  • Plugs to close the lacrimal punctum.

Excessive tearing

It usually occurs due to the stenosis or blockage of the tear drainage system (lacrimal punctum, lacrimal canaliculus, lacrimal ducts). In the case of tearing due to the partial stenosis or complete blockage of the lacrimal duct, the aim is to provide free permeability of the tear drainage system again. Several types of intervention may be considered from a simple overinjection to a surgery carried out in anaesthesia, involving bone drilling, to provide the connection between the lacrimal sac and the nasal cavity. Various silicone plugs, tubes or bands are used on a regular basis to provide the durability of the intervention.

The definition of the illness and it’s symptoms are not meant to provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only and does not substitute professional medical advice.

If you think you may have an undiagnosed medical condition, please contact your physician for medical consultation.

Patient feedback

Viktor Klem -

Hungarian actor

“At Buda Eye Center everyone is so friendly, kind, helpful and assertive that I felt like coming to my friends when I had the consultations, surgery and control visits.”

Márk Járai -

Hungarian singer

“I am so grateful, it is so much easier to move around on stage without glasses!”

Péter Boronkay -

paralympic, paratriatlonist

“Using contact lenses and glasses in the water always made swimming challenging for me. I was born without left lower arm so inserting contact lenses was always a huge problem for me. It has been great to get rid of this hassle after my laser eye surgery.”

Dr. Emília Tóth -

our ophthalmologist at Buda Eye Center

“I had been working at the Clinic for 3 years in 2015 when I decided to have my eyes treated. Healing after the treatment was very easy for me, the day after the surgery I was back at work with our patients.”


Eligibility consultation for laser eye surgery below 40 years Free of charge
Eligibility consultation for laser eye surgery over 40 years (Will be deducted from the price of the surgery in case of eligibility) HUF 15.000
DiamondFEMTO 7D FAST TRACK laser eye surgery for both eyes (3-day procedure*)
*First day - Pre-operation consultation | Second day - Laser eye surgery | Third day - After the first day check up you can fly home
HUF 598.000
DiamondFEMTO 7D laser eye surgery for both eyes HUF 498.000
OptiLASIK 7D laser eye surgery for both eyes HUF 340.000
Zero-Touch 7D laser eye surgery for both eyes HUF 340.000
PRK 7D laser eye surgery for both eyes HUF 269.000
Follow-up and consultation for 1 year after surgery Free of charge
Wavefront guided, customized treatment +20.000 HUF per eye
Eligibility consultation for laser eye surgery with diagnosed glaucoma patients for all age group HUF 15.000
Monovision - Reading glasses treatment HUF 299.000 / eye
Eligibility consultation for laser eye surgery over 40 years (Will be deducted from the price of the surgery in case of eligibility) HUF 15.000
Preliminary assessment and consultation before IOL surgery HUF 15.000
Biometry– IOL planning HUF 10.000
Eye surgery using monofocal aspheric IOL implants HUF 230.000 per eye
Eye surgery using trifocal IOL implants HUF 495.000 per eye
First follow-up visit Free of charge
All other follow-up visits HUF 10.000
Eye surgery using toric IOL implants (astigmatism correction) Monofocal/Trifocal IOL implants + HUF 100.000 per eye
Tear duct probing (infant, child or adult) HUF 8.000
Inserting a tear point plug (1 eye) HUF 25.000
Inserting a silicone tube (1 eye) HUF 40.000
Dacryocystographia (X-ray examination with tear duct filling) HUF ​20.000
Balloon expansion (1 eye) HUF 60.000
Consultation and examination HUF 15.000
Removal of small eyelid malformations, without reconstruction (stye, wart) HUF 30.000
Removal of naevi, benign and malignant eyelid malformations with reconstruction if necessary HUF ​120.000 - 150.000
Correction of eyelid malpositions (in-turning and out-turning) HUF ​120.000 / eye
Correction of drooping eyelids HUF ​​240.000
Correction of upper eyelid by skin excision, plastic surgery HUF 195.000 / 2 eyes
Correction of lower eyelid by skin excision, plastic surgery HUF 220.000 / 2 eyes
Cross-linking treatment HUF 120.000 / eye
OCT with full ophthalmologic examination HUF 25.000
Visual field with full ophthalmologic examination HUF 25.000
Eyeglass prescription HUF 15.000
Education on contact lens usage HUF ​​10.000
Biopsy HUF ​10.000
Ophthalmologic examination HUF ​15.000
YAG laser treatment HUF 20.000 / eye
Education on contact lens usage HUF ​​10.000
PTK (Phototherapeutic keratectomy) laser treatment HUF 134.500 / eye
Eligibility examination for driving license HUF ​15.000
Occupational ophthalmic examination HUF ​15.000

Payment is accepted in EUR. Exchange rate is the daily MNB rate minus 8 HUF.

Payment methods


You may make your payments in cash at our clinic. You can also use bank cards (please note we do not accept American Express). Before arriving for your surgery, please check the daily payment limit of your bank card.


We accept most bank cards issued by Hungarian Healthcare Funds. You may pay your invoice in part or in whole with your Healthcare Fund Card. You may receive an invoice for your Healthcare Fund after making your payment either in cash or by card to enable you to submit your claims to your Fund. Please contact us in order to inquire which Healthcare Fund Cards are accepted.

Contact us

Buda Eye Center - Budai Szemészet Központ
Opening hours
  • Monday-Thursday: 8.00-17.00

  • Friday: 8.00-16.00

  • Saturday: occasional, please inquire in advance

  • Weekend: closed

Please note that patients are seen by appointment only. You can book appointment via phone.
During opening hours you can also call in case of emergency and book an appointment which depends on the available slots.
+36-1-240-6334 If you are in Hungary, outside office hours you should call the Ophthalmological Department of Semmelweis University.


From the airport either call a taxi or follow this direction on public transport:
Take bus 100E, it arrives to Deák Ferenc Square, from there take the subway
(Red metro line, number 2) to Déli Railway Station. From Déli Railway Station take tram line 61 or 17
to Csörsz Street station then walk to Tartsay Vilmos street 14.


Discounted accommodation near Buda Eye Center for patients traveling to Budapest: (Approx. 25% discount from the list price on Discount only valid if the room is booked through Buda Eye Center.)